Success Stories

Now if you're still skeptical, no problem, I actually LOVE healthy skeptics!

  1. I get a personal satisfaction from proving them wrong ☺
  2. They always become the most loyal and die-hard fans and become walking billboards for me!
  3. And, just in case you’ve been fooled one too many times by so-called experts, I knew you would love to see results from a very recent Test Group – regular individuals who took my methods for a test-drive over the past 40 days…
  4. I’m very proud of each student and this is just a small sample of proof of what you can expect…
"Transformed from the inside out since starting MI40!"

Here’s the real transformation since I started training with MI40…

Before stats
Cholesterol: 280
Body fat: is “diary cream” a number?
Joint issues: inflammation in right shoulder, left elbow, left knee
Testosterone: 225ng/dl

After stats
Cholesterol: 200 (no longer taking statins)
Body fat: 11%
Joint issues: none
Testosterone: 625ng/dl (yes still natural)

As you can see, I was headed down a very dark path, most likely towards a heart attach in my late 30’s.

I have never once regretted paying for the MI40 programs or camps because it’s a hell of a lot cheaper than paying medical bills to fix injuries, or paying for a casket…

Pride is probably the #1 reason that people do not see the results they desire. They’re just too damn proud to admit that what their doing is wrong, or that their training is inadequate for their goals. Admitting to myself that I needed to find help was the greatest decision to date.

Stephen Powers
Ohio USA
"Dropped 10 pounds of body fat while getting stronger!"

I started the program at 100kg and around 13% body fat. My current stats having finished the program are 95.8kg and 10% body fat. The best thing about this program and following the MI40 principles in general is that I have been able to lean out and lose body fat but my strength has actually increased as well! All my lifts have improved significantly whilst at a lighter weight.

Taking the time to fully understand active ranges of motion and consistently working on time under tension has also been able to improve my muscle activation and caused me to reach my goals and get into great shake in just 6 weeks!

I’m now incredibly excited to get started on the MI40 Extreme program and keep the improvements coming. Tim etc smash some more goals and make myself better!

Thank you MI40!

Dominic Ainsworth
Halewood, Liverpool, England
Full Time Dance Teacher Gains 9 Pounds Of Muscle In 29 Days

I found the MI40 program very intense and my body was pretty shocked when I started using it. The workouts are pretty challenging and I really like the feeling of being completely exhausted every time I finish the workout. Some of the techniques are completely new for me, some I used before in slightly different way. I love feeling the constant tension in the muscle when going from one set to the next one with basically no rest between them and then the NOS set literally takes everything that is left in the muscle… Great feeling! I still have to learn how to perform the exercises with “intention”, I guess it will take some time because it’s completely new for me, so that’s something I am going to work on…

Considering that I am a full time dance teacher and performer I have pretty good results. When I have my dance classes I burn a lot of calories so it’s much more difficult for me to build muscle. In spite of that, the first 2 weeks in the program I gained almost 6 pounds of muscle, then the growth slowed down a bit. Now I am on my day #29 and in those 4 weeks I gained nearly 9 pounds of muscle (my fat level stayed pretty much the same, 14%).

My measurements before and after:

biceps: 33cm (13inch) -> 35.3cm (nearly 14inch)
chest: 95.5cm (37.5inch) -> 99cm (39inch)
waist: 84cm (33inch) -> 84cm
neck: 37cm (14.5inch) -> 38.2cm (15inch)

Andy Mikulka
Prague, Czech Republic
"WOW! Check out this transformation!"

Training with Ben is not only an education in bodybuilding, but a wholistic learning experience, as he focuses on every aspect of the sport. His health and wellness-centered approach is refreshing and he can ALWAYS explain the “why” behind every instruction. The gains I’ve experienced have been phenomenal, I’ve never looked and felt better!

Emily Chomyshyn
"One Step Closer To Achieving His Goal Of Being A Supplement Sponsored Athlete!"

I experienced great results from the M140 program even though I’m not completely finished with it yet, but my results have put me in the best shape of my life. I noticed the biggest difference in my abs and obliques, as well as my arms.

Overall, my whole body got more definition and my body fat percentage went from about 15% down to about 9%.

The biggest benefit of the M140 program to me is I noticed my muscle recovery increased a lot. I used to get sore from previous workouts, but when I got on your program, I was able to recover faster because of the diet (got proper nutrients and vitamins in my system at the right time), especially the supplements, including BCAAs. Another benefit I noticed was my physique change. My whole body became more defined and I actually got leaner in the process.

What I loved about the program was the workouts were different than what I was used to. The tempo of the reps and the time in between each set was a huge difference to me, and I believe this gave me more definition and got me leaner at the same time. I also enjoyed the diet because it was a huge challenge for me at the start, but as I progressed from week to week, the diet became much easier to follow.

The biggest thing I learned from this program was it takes an enormous amount of commitment and dedication to get ripped. It takes a lot of focus and mind-to-muscle connection to progress throughout each workout and through the diet as well.

Thanks Ben and Vince for your support while doing this workout. I am glad that you chose me as a test subject for this program because I have now gotten closer to my goal of becoming a supplement sponsored athlete. Thanks so much!

Andy Johnston
Fort Wayne, Indiana, USA
"Make Noticeable Gains In My Weakest Bodyparts"

Ben and I have been working together for just over a year now and I can honestly say I’ve learned more about exercise and nutrition and how my body responds to both while working with Ben than many years previous combined. I’ve worked with other trainers before and felt that my workouts and nutrition plans were cookie cutter plans with minor adjustments at best. Ben looks at each of his clients individually, assesses both their weak and strong points as well as how they respond to carbs, proteins and fats and derives an individual overall plan to expedite your goals.

I have just finished Ben’s new MI 40 program and can honestly say if followed properly and you push yourself every workout and don’t cheat yourself, I would find it near impossible for any body type not to see results. I am preparing for the 2012 Canadian National Body Building Championships and I know that I need to out work my competition ever day I’m in the gym if I expect to make a statement on the stage next year and the MI 40 program and Ben’s NOS style training are the best way to make sure that happens. I have been training 5 days a week for over 10 years and have been a competitive body builder for 4 years so noticeable gains are slower and harder to attain every year, but after running the MI 40 program I have a seen noticeable gains in my weakest body parts, my back and legs and my calves are up 1″ since day one! That is more gains in 40 workouts than I’ve seen in over a year training on my own!”

Rob Graham
"Nutrition strategies are GOLD"

Back in November I was approached by Ben and Vince to participate in a test subject group for Ben’s new program, MI40. I needed a serious kick in the a** at that time so I decided to take them up on the offer.

With being really busy, my muscle building progress had become stale and it seemed that the MI40 plan was the boost I needed.

The MI40 nutrition strategies are GOLD! Bulking up while cutting?! Incredible, but TRUE! I had cycled calories before but never in this way. Ben’s approach of combining low carb and high carb days in synergy with the training was the key factor that allowed me to gain size, keep strength and get ripped up! The best part is that increasing my definition was just a side benefit I was not expecting…not bad huh?

The training was brutally tough, but that is what it takes to get GREAT results! By the end of the 40 days I could feel strength and size come back that I thought may have been gone for good… now, with new motivation and recent increases in size, I plan on doing another 40 days of this one! Great program Ben!

Joey Vaillancourt
Pontiac, Quebec
"On Track For 10% Bodyfat!"

Hey Ben. You’re program is awesome! I love the 4 second negative and the NOS. After the first week every body part was sore. The diet plan was tough at first so I did make some small changes to the carbs. I feel my progress was ok at best though because of my slip ups. There were a few times over the 40 days (Birthday, nights out, and Halloween with my kids) that I slipped up. I did go from 208 to 199 and dropped to 13% bodyfat from 16%.

Jason Roehrich
Bismarck, ND, USA
"Andrew Gains 9 Pounds Of Quality Weight In 32 Days!"

Hi Ben,here are my progress pictures taken this evening, on day 32 for me. When I started I was 213lb, and around 12-13 percent body fat I think. I just weighed in at 222.1lb! A huge difference in weight, and physique so far. Still have lots to improve on. Here’s a testimonial:

“While under the guidance of Ben Pakulski’s MI40 weights and nutrition program, I have experienced great results! In only 32 days, I have gone from 213lb to 222lb and noticed huge gains in size, strength and overall health. MI40 is a challenging program both mentally and physically, but if you have the desire to take your physique and and health to a new level, I recommend this program!”

I really enjoyed the time under tension and slow tempo negatives and explosive positives. I was used to this in bobsleigh training, so it was a welcomed tempo for me.

– the diet was simple, easy to follow and prepare. Was never left feeling hungry or craving bad food sources.

Andrew Cleary
Kanata, ON, Canada
"Good for anyone wanting to lower body fat & build muscle"

Hi my experience with the MI40 workout was amazing. I felt like i really got a workout after i left the gym,it helped me physically and mentally, the MI40 program was easy to follow and understand and it made so much sense as to why it is different to conventional programs and methods.

The things i liked the most were no long boring workouts, no real heavy lifting of weights that got results with just like you were lifting heavy weights, i started to see and understand what the difference is between body building and weight lifting. The thing i love about MI40 workout is i got some good results from the program with less time and without lifting heavy.I lost some body fat. I gained some muscle mass around the upper body section and my arms have grown in size, that’s what they were telling me at the gym lol.(/p>

The only thing that i didn’t follow was the meal plan that was written for me by Ben because of personal reasons,i can’t imagine what greater results i would have got if i did,(sorry about that). The things i loved about MI40 workout were, body parts to train were set up nicely, shorter workouts with high results. I didn’t have to risk injuring my self to lift heavier weights to get the muscles to grow.

Paul Anagnostou (age 44)
Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.
"Loves That His Chest Grew Even Without Heavy Weights!"
How did you like it?

I really enjoyed the workouts although they were really tough. They are both physically and mentally challenging and I must admit after the first week and almost throwing up a couple of times I didn´t think I would last. However once you get over the initial shock they become really addictive and I found myself raring to get to the gym every day which I have not had for a long time. Also the pump and buzz after each workout when you really go for it is incredible and just seeing your body transform is fantastic reward for the effort. I did struggle with the diet not because of the foods but because I was busy and struggled to fit in all the meals even though I was getting up at 6.00am every day so I could give myself a better chance of getting the calories in. Also I didn´t cycle my carbs properly or get enough protein down so this probably why I didn´t drop body fat.

Start End
Weight 85 kilo 86.4
Bodyfat 18% 18%
Chest/Lats 105cm 109cm
Waist 88cm 88cm
Neck 38cm 39.5cm
Thigh 58cm 60cm
Calf 40cm 41cm
Arm – Unflexed 35cm 36cm
Arm – Flexed 38cm 40cm

As you can see my lats and Chest have been the winners here which is great because I always considered my chest as a lagging muscle group

Biggest Benefits

I love the fact you don´t have to lift heavy to get the results. After 20 years training and being in my forties now (42 in Jan) I want to preserve my joints and reduce inflammation. Before when I was trying to lift heavier and heavier my body kept breaking down and it was very frustrating and demotivating and probably why I stayed away from full on bodybuilding for many years. However apart from the initial muscle soreness from the workouts (which has gone now) I don,t have any joint pain and my body feels less stiff although I did focus on doing a lot of stretching after and between workouts. I am now fully converted back to this style of training and can´t wait to progress further.

Where in the UK

I am originally from Manchester in the UK but at the moment I live near Marbella in Southern Spain.

Anyway thanks again for this opportunity it has been a great motivator for me and has really relaunched my passion for training and increasing my knowledge in all aspects of health and fitness. I set out to take 10 years off my body appearance and I think once I lose some body fat I will have succeeded and more so I am very happy. Just got figure how to do the same with my face now 🙂


Howard Standring
Marbella, Spain
"74 Year Old Is Still Pushing The Borders!"

Thank you very much for your intensive help for us to develop our bodies, Ben!

I was expecting really wonderful results in power and stamina, not only bodily, but especially in the up, mental power and ability to keep on training,although it was not easy. First I felt myself not capable of going through the program, because of my age, 74 years. But I fell in love with the idea of going beyond the borders, I earlier had in my imagination. I must use a little more time in workouts than 45 years ago, but I enjoy being tested with weights. Recuperation needs time!

I even lost 5 training sessions because of my stomach letting nothing in nothing out for a few days, but found out, that the extra rest let me recuperate fully, so I continued training after receiving a package of VITARGO, the wonderful Swedish product, which gave me the needed power to go on. It was too hard to even think to quit!

I especially loved squats and leg extensions, finding a new side of myself in liking hard work with heavier weights.

I think that the biggest benefit of MI40 has been, that my sore shoulder joint and both elbows have somehow been healed.

No more pains, for which I am very thankful. This whole program has been a nice possibility to learn new and very effective ways to go beyond the old and very familiar methods of building a human body.

Thank you very much for your efforts to be my coach and teacher, Ben. I appreciate it very much in deed! MOTIVATION means RESULTS!

Your Finnish friend,

Aimo Ruoho,
Torrevieja, Alicante, Spain
"Who says muscle mass programs are just for guys?"

Who says a muscle mass program isn’t going to give you a lean, sexy, shapely body?

Who says you can’t build muscle if you’re over 40?

I’m Shari Fitness, I’m 47 years old, and I’m here to tell you that not only is the MI40 Program great for guys, but it’s great for women too regardless of your age.

As a fitness professional and fitness blogger, I try out and review all the latest workout programs and I know which ones are hype and which ones are the real deal.

Hands down, I give Ben Pakulski’s (aka B-Pak) MI40 Mass Building Program two thumbs up!!! I loved all the workouts in the program, loved how Ben’s use of NOS training really challenged me and helped take my body to the next level.

In just a few short weeks, using Ben’s MI40 program, I gained 5 lbs of lean, sexy, shapely, metabolic, fat burning muscle which helped me re-shape my body. I’m very happy with the results I got from this program and I know you will too!

Shari Fitness
Fitness Professional
Fitness Blogger
Creator of Fit Talk News
"Del Monte Re Models His Entire Physique With Coach Ben"

I seeked Ben out in November of 2010 to help me add some serious size and we did just that. I climbed from 214 lbs to 227 lbs in just 2 months and that was after 8 years of training myself.

Next goal? Earn my WBFF Pro Card. Over 15 weeks Ben get me absolutely shredded and brought me from 227 to 195 lbs and low 4% body fat. I earned my Pro Card!

Next stop? World Championships! In prep for Worlds, Ben introduced his NOS system & 3-Phase Nutrition System which helped me GROW INTO my show while in a caloric deficit! Intentions dramatically improved the density of my arms, hamstrings, back, abs and shoulders. My body has never looked better or felt better and I feel in absolute control of my results. Bringing Ben’s expertise into the equation contributed to busting my plateau and I’m thrilled that he’s able to share his world-class, time-tested and research-based info with you. It’s almost SCARY how fast my body changed when introducing Intentions & NOS! Working with Ben will be the BEST decision you ever make. If not, I’ll refund your investment myself! Make it happen!”

Vince Del Monte
Hamilton, ON, Canada
"Thank You's" flooding in via email and comments on social media

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