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Ben Pakulski, “The Godfather of Intelligent Muscle Building”, is widely considered the world’s best muscle expert and top authority on physique optimization and lifestyle integration for high-achieving men over 35. He currently helps executives, pro-athletes and entrepreneurs look, feel and perform at their best.

Ben is the CEO of the Muscle Intelligence Brand, host of the Muscle Intelligence Podcast, and creator of MI40, the best selling brand that revolutionized the fitness industry, changing the way training is understood and executed. His programs have helped millions of students, coaches and trainers transform their bodies and build thriving coaching businesses.

As an IFBB Professional Bodybuilder, Ben competed in 23 shows from 2008-2016, finishing top 10 in the prestigious Arnold Schwarzenegger Classics for 6 consecutive years, placing 2nd in 2013. Ben reached the pinnacle of the bodybuilding world in 2012 and 2016, competing in the Mr. Olympia Contest and was considered one of the top 10 bodybuilders in the world for many years.

When not teaching or training, Ben spends his time at home or traveling with his two angels, Benjamin Zane and Presley Skye.

our coaches

Michael Marras is an experienced health and fitness coach with over 23 years of experience in the field. He started as a teenager in the weight room and has since grown personally through mentorships, group seminars, and certifications. Michael has been a professional coach for the last 6 years and has a background in the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, which has given him an understanding of the importance of physical fitness and mental alertness.

However, it was his role as a father in 2017 that transformed his outlook on health and fitness. Michael realized that his training, nutrition, and lifestyle choices were not only about himself but also about being a role model for his two young sons.

He understands the challenges that fathers face in prioritizing their health and fitness while juggling their responsibilities, and he is dedicated to helping them achieve their objectives. Michael Marras is the ideal coach for you, offering a personalized approach and commitment to helping busy dads elevate their fitness journey to new heights.


Areas of Expertise:

For over 10 years, Coach Etienne takes a practical and sustainable approach to his clients’ training, considering the mechanical, physiological, and psychological factors involved. He helps his clients strike a balance between being challenged enough to grow and supported enough to continue. He holds the Mastery with Honors designation from RTS International, making him one of only five fitness professionals in Canada to hold this distinction. He founded The Exercise Mechanic, an education initiative that teaches fitness professionals about functional anatomy, exercise mechanics, neuroscience, and pain science. He is also the founder and main instructor of the Cadaver Exploration Workshop, which is a workshop on cadaver anatomy designed for personal trainers. Etienne has a personal interest in various athletic pursuits, including competitive rock climbing, powerlifting, bodybuilding, and endurance running. He believes that “success is reserved for those who stay in the game.”

Educational background:

Areas of Expertise:

Chris Fudge is a results-based personal trainer and strength and conditioning coach who believes that success leaves clues. With over fifteen years and 20,000 one-on-one training hours in the industry, his pattern recognition skills have led his clients to extraordinary results.

He has been recognized as a contributor to the industry as a published writer, conference presenter and educator, not to mention winning multiple awards for personal training.

Chris is a national – level powerlifting referee, meet director, coach and team Canada athlete. He has also created and facilitated coaching courses for fitness professionals from novice to expert. Chris loves working with Muscle Intelligence because coming together is the beginning but working together is the success.

Chris is a passionate father of two boys and when not “dadding”, he is either reading and studying fitness, or spending time recording his podcast the Project Fitness Podcast.

Areas of Expertise:

Steve has spent more than a decade in the most elite training companies in Canada, personally tailoring fitness programs to ensure optimal progress in health, diet and body mechanics. He has dedicated himself to serving others by increasing their health and self-worth through fitness, both emotional and physical.

His areas of expertise include muscle building, accelerated fat loss, mobility, injury prevention and lifestyle design.

Steve is a lifelong learner, regularly taking courses and studying research to improve his acumen. He is a student and an advocate of the Muscle Intelligence philosophy. Steve currently resides in New Brunswick with his wife and young family.

Areas of Expertise:

Over the past 20 years, Johnny has dedicated his life to the detailed understanding and wonderment of the human system. He finds joy in helping others better comprehend their body and mind to improve both mental and physical fitness. With an emphasis on exercise mechanics and the implementation of simple yet effective lifestyle habits, Johnny has a track record of helping clients succeed in looking and feeling great.


Johnny graduated from University of Utah with a degree in Exercise Nutrition. He completed a second degree in Exercise Science with an emphasis in Exercise Mechanics. 


Johnny lives in Boise, Idaho, with his wife and daughter.

Areas of Expertise:

As a retired collegiate football player from the University of Nevada Las Vegas, Andrew has spent almost ten years mastering the facets of proper training and recovery. He completed a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology and Counseling, and a Masters degree in Education which makes him an exceptional leader and resource for our clients.

Prior to moving to Las Vegas, he spent five years as a top CrossFit coach working and training alongside the most elite staff and athletes.

Andrew joins us with a wealth of knowledge, an attitude of humility and a pursuit of excellence. His clients enjoy his attentive care and calm disposition.

Areas of Expertise:

Gavin is a highly experienced personal fitness trainer with over 20 years in the industry. He has worked with professional sports teams, including the Newport County Head Strength & Conditioning Coach and the England Sevens rugby team, as well as elite athletes such as Wales and All Blacks Rugby Internationals. Gavin is also a part of the lecturing team at the Poliquin Group, teaching the Poliquin methodologies on their courses, and is one of only a few coaches globally to hold the highly recognized PICP Level 5 award. He has successfully coached many clients, including professional boxer Lee Churcher and Commonwealth Gold and Bronze medallist Sean McGoldrick.

In addition to coaching clients, Gavin also focuses on professional development for personal trainers and businesses in the fitness industry. He has consulted with large gym chains in Asia, improving their service and staff development, and for the past 10+ years, has been helping trainers and coaches improve their businesses and achieve better results for their clients, increasing their revenue to surpass six and seven figures per year. Gavin’s main focus now is coaching his clients full-time online with goals ranging from 10-20kg body fat loss to adding 10kg lean mass for high-performing individuals.


Areas of Expertise:

Areas of Expertise

Peak Performance Coaching

Muscle Building

Life Optimization


Fat Loss



Health & Wellness


I want Members to leave my classes with a smile on their face KNOWING they’ve got the beating of whatever challenges they may be facing. However much of an underdog you may feel, there is always a way over that hill.


FUN is important to me! It becomes really hard to stick to something if you’re not enjoying yourself, so I’ll push past whatever excuses you’ve got, but because you’re being equally entertained, you’ll hardly notice.


I’m a keen traveller, animal lover and meditator. I’ve been called a rebel because I love proving people wrong, so you’re welcome to challenge me, but beware, I won’t just beat you, I’ll also post about it on Instagram!

What Clients are Saying about Ben
“I love the execution videos and the way Joe and Ben are able to explain things in common sense terms that just make you say “oh yeah, I get it”. I don’t really have any suggestions to improve as there truly has never been a person who has taken the time to put out this information.”
Brandon McKay
What Clients are Saying about Ben
“I love the execution videos and the way Joe and Ben are able to explain things in common sense terms that just make you say “oh yeah, I get it”. I don’t really have any suggestions to improve as there truly has never been a person who has taken the time to put out this information.”
Brandon McKay
What Clients are Saying about Ben
“I love the execution videos and the way Joe and Ben are able to explain things in common sense terms that just make you say “oh yeah, I get it”. I don’t really have any suggestions to improve as there truly has never been a person who has taken the time to put out this information.”
Brandon McKay

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