Identify what’s not working with your diet and training, uncover weaknesses in your daily routine or supplement stacks, and discover the hidden limiters of your drive, energy, and focus.

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Identify what’s not working with your diet and training, uncover weaknesses in your daily routine or supplement stacks, and discover the hidden limiters of your drive, energy, and focus.


What to Expect
on Your M.V.P. Call

We believe the transformation of your body provides a blueprint for growth in every area of life. So although our approach begins with the body and breaking through any physical limits you may have, we connect this to who you are on a deeper level. 

This call is designed to help you figure out what’s limiting you now — and then we can tailor our approach to fit your unique path and ensure that you feel understood, supported, and prepared to carry out your mission.

During your M.V.P. (Mission, Values, Process) call, we’ll work together to lay the foundation for your success. Here’s what you can expect during this initial discussion:

Clarify Your Mission

We believe that every man has a mission. On this call, you’ll clarify your goals and understand how your health and performance can support and accelerate your mission.

Set Objective Targets

During our time together, you’ll uncover your ambitions and desires, understand what drives you, and identify and overcome any stumbling blocks hindering your progress.

Commit to Action

Together, we’ll craft a unique plan with strategic insights and tactical guidance tailored to your needs, schedule, and goals, focusing on your objectives and the steps to achieve them.

Hi, I’m
Ben Pakulski

I’m the CEO and Founder of Muscle Intelligence, Host of the Muscle Intelligence Podcast and the founder of Mi40 Gym, home to the most effective muscle-building principles.

As a retired IFBB Professional Bodybuilder and with over two decades of muscle-building experience, I’ve developed a unique training and performance system that has helped thousands sculpt their ultimate physique.

Dad to 2 angels, Benjamin and Presley, who are my greatest source of inspiration.

For over 25 years, I’ve guided thousands of men through their prime years and beyond, to master their body, sharpen their mind, and elevate their quality of life to levels that were never before conceivable to them.

A great coach is tasked with the ability to get more out of you then you ever thought was possible. This means physically, mentally, familially, financially and spiritually.

Coaching is not just about the words we say, or the plans we create, but about the standard we hold you to, and the standard we put forth with our actions, our words, and our presence as men on this journey with you.

Why Performance Coaching?

A performance coach leads you to safely explore your physical limits and push beyond where your body or mind is telling you to stop. It’s not about ignoring your innate warning signals, but rather exploring the perimeter of them to determine which ones are real, and which ones are false beliefs keeping you safe.

Our Performance Team offers both strategic insights and tactical guidance to ensure success in every aspect of life, with a special focus on health and physical optimization. As a Coaching Team, we are dedicated to delivering on these six core commitments:


Comprehensive Analysis

A comprehensive diagnostic of your current state, both objectively and subjectively, is crucial for a successful coaching relationship. This involves identifying opportunities for physical, mental, and tactical improvement, and prioritizing actions that offer the greatest impact with minimal effort.


Objective Goal Setting

Your performance coach will help define your big picture goals, aligning your mission, vision, and principles across all life domains for strategic harmony. Their role is to recognize your potential beyond the self-imposed limits in your mind.


Values and Experience Alignment

Expect a coach who not only has proven success in relevant domains of health and physical optimization but also embodies a value system aligned with yours. They walk the talk, demonstrating that their advice stems from genuine understanding, and successful experience.


Deep Understanding and Honest Communication

A great coach clearly explains your challenges, helping you overcome and deeply understand them. They engage in high-level conversations that connect personal development with physical performance, prioritizing honesty even when it’s tough to hear.


Coordinate Action and Daily Accountability

Your coach provides clear, actionable protocols, including weekly targets, daily habits, and accountability to ensure consistent progress in health and fitness. As challenges arise, they offer guidance and curated questions to help you find successful resolutions and stay on track.


Resource Management for Optimal Performance

Your coach will help protect your most valuable life currencies — time, money, and attention. They will strategize to minimize distractions and clarify the best use of these resources to achieve your health and performance goals.

How Does the Program Work?


M.V.P Call


Muscle Intelligence Pro Performance & Longevity Diagnostic


Personalized Physical Performance & Lifestyle Design Plan Created


Weekly Check-in with Your Performance Coach


Bi-Weekly Coaching Calls


Quarterly Performance Reviews


Bi-Weekly Coaching Calls


Weekly Check-in with Your Performance Coach

Your Coaching Options

Performance Calibration Session (s)* Bi-Annually (2) Quarterly (4) Quarterly (4)
Coaching Sessions 12 52 52
Coaching Format Weekly Group Zoom Sessions 60 Min each Weekly 1-to-1 Zoom Sessions 30 Min Each Weekly 1:1 Zoom Sessions 30 Min Each
Total In-Person Sessions Included* 0 1 2
Lab Work Offered For an additional fee Image 1 Image 1
Lab Review* (60 mins with Functional Doc) Included For an additional fee Image 1 Image 1
Performance Advisory Team 1 3 Up to 5
Coaching Academy Dashboard Image 1 Image 1 Image 1
Access to All Performance Phase Digital Courses Image 1 Image 1 Image 1
Image 1 Image 1 Image 1

* All Performance Reviews are conducted via Zoom. All coaching programs require a five-figure annual investment. We’ll share the exact prices on our M.V.P. Call based on the program we think best suits your needs.

Here's What Our
Clients Are Saying:

“I think objectively I’ve seen improvements in strength. The ability to think more clearly during my workday has gotten better because my morning training is a big meditative session.”


“If you can imagine or visualize the way you want to look and feel, would you write a check to look that way in six months overnight? Absolutely. Ben’s, in my mind, the world leading expert. ”


“Feel like I’m hitting another gear. Was out on my girlfriend’s boat this weekend and they were all commenting how jacked I was. One guy didn’t want to take his shirt off when he saw me!”


“The results were just so fast. Day to day, I think we added five pounds of muscle, lost 6% body fat all at the same time.”


“I started seeing progress and every week it was like three pounds cut consistently. I went from a size like 37 waist to a 32 in FOUR months. Another side note too: my kids are eating healthier, and my wife is eating healthier. I realized I was the problem.”


“12 weeks later, I find myself with results I’d only ever seen in magazines. The kind that seemed too good to be real or possible. I dropped 43 lbs. My blood pressure is normal, my blood glucose is normal. My resting HR is in the low 50’s down from the upper 60’s to low 70’s. I wake up energized and ready to go.”


5 Common Traits Of Our Most Successful Transformations

We turn away more men than we accept. Why? Our Coaching Motto is “100% Success” and with that comes a responsibility to serve and support at the highest level. The caliber of man who proactively seeks us out is not interested in being a number thrown into yet another virtual group.

We’ve found there are 5 main characteristics and qualities common in our most successful partnerships. Not every success has all 5, but most of our most dramatic success stories had several of these factors working in their favor:

You are direct and articulate clearly, transparent about your challenges and eager to receive honest feedback.

You've built a successful business, family, or community and are typically generating $200K or more per year.

You find ways to win and have a proven track record of success.

You are willing and able to fully commit to the program, and follow through no matter what.

You have previously made sizable investments into mentors, masterminds, an advisory team, and/or leaders who have been where you are to shortcut the process.

Our community values efficiency, results, and exclusivity. We have a proactive approach to challenges and are driven by success. Our lifestyles demand diligent time management and prioritize activities that offer the highest return. That’s why our focus is on an optimized, strategic approach to health and fitness.

If you meet these qualifications, let’s jump on an M.V.P. Call to explore your goals. While the call is complimentary, we do hold a credit card on file to reserve your spot. Click the button below to begin.





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