Adding more muscle is the best doctor your body will ever have…

Straight Talk to Men Over 35 Who Secretly Believe Bad Genetics, Low Testosterone, or Chronic Stress Are Preventing You From Reaching Your Potential

“Give Me 90 DAYS, And I Guarantee You Will Pack On More Muscle, Overcome Genetic Limitations, Boost Testosterone, And Counteract 15 Health Threats To Men Over 35.”

That's why I've worked hard to get this vital information into your hands.

What I'm about to share seems unbelievable, but it's true.

For all the unfortunate ways a man can die – including war, accidents, homicide and others – there is one assassin to rule them all for men over 35¹


It’s the most insidious, merciless, vial serial killer the world has ever known. 


It’s staggering to imagine: This destroyer of lives murders 17.9 million people – each year².


One can hardly comprehend the magnitude of the math.


Birth a baby boy today, and by the time he graduates college at age 23, this mass murder will exterminate 411,700,000 people off the face of the planet… every year. 


To wrap your head around that colossal number, consider this… 


The US has a population of 334,233,854³


Canada has a population of 38,730,620


Do the math, and you’ll see this executioner is still on the hunt for another 38,735,526 people to slaughter. 


Equal to wiping out the population of Canada from existence all over again.


But do you know what’s the worst part of this tragedy?


A staggering 90% of these needless deaths are preventable


That means men – hardworking men – could have protected their families, if only, they had taken the proper steps in preventing the horrendous killer known as heart disease. 


And based on one study from Harvard Health, “…men are about twice a likely as women to have a heart attack.” 


Again, 90% preventable. 


That means there’s a much bigger reason behind these startling statistics. 

Men put their health DEAD last.

And I’m betting you know someone who is putting their health last as we speak.

Maybe even you?

Here's the science: you can trace at least 35 chronic and deadly diseases, including erectile dysfunction, heart disease, and six types of cancer, to a lack of exercise⁵.

It’s true. Physical inactivity is the PRIMARY KILLER of men in the modern area.

Science leaves no doubt: a lack of exercise and

nutrition is the CAUSE of over 70% of all chronic


So let’s face it: muscles really do make the man.

Unless, of course, you don’t challenge your muscles.

Because according to science, it’s the lack of exercise THAT CAUSES at least 35 known chronic diseases.

Don’t dare read past that too fast.

A lack of physical exercise kills men, much like smoking causes lung cancer.


That's why I've worked hard to get this vital information into your hands.

After a lifetime of competitive bodybuilding and building Muscle Intelligence into the premiere fitness training and coaching company in the world, I feel duty-bound to show you the evidence:

In other words, a sedentary lifestyle slowly kills men – the worst way to die – in more ways than one.


It’s now at such a crisis point science has even ascribed a new term as a diagnosis: Skeletal Muscle Function Deficit.


They’ve also suggested another term: Muscle Wasting Disease.


But I’m here to tell you that it’s not so much muscle-wasting disease as it is…


Wasting Muscle Disease.


The difference is clear.


“Muscle Wasting Disease” makes men victims.


And all the rational men I’ve ever met refuse to be a victim.

"Wasting Muscle Disease," on the other hand, means a lack of exercise is the cause.

Or rather – those men who have submitted to low testosterone, given up on their ambition, and have their butts glued to a chair and refuse to move… those men are the CAUSE of their wasting muscle disease. 


Maybe that sounds harsh to you. 


But I’m going to look you in the eyes and tell you the future of those men. 


Wasting muscle disease is the voluntary disease of apathy. 


Men who refuse to grow are like the proverbial frog sitting in a pot of lukewarm water.


As the temperature gradually raises, a complacency soup of their own making slowly boils them to death.


They have forfeited the competitive spirit that makes men great. 


They no longer care about leaving a memorable legacy to their kids. 


They are a shadow of their former selves. 


And that’s just fine by them.


But that’s not you. 


Because you’re on this page, you recognize being strong and healthy is your highest call – your greatest responsibility – and your solemn duty.


To forever be a protector of your family.


Never become a burden to your kids. 


To remain strong for your significant other. 


To be a man’s man. 


That’s why this world needs more men like you. 


Men who are willing to act. 


To take charge. 


To be strong for your family both now and for the rest of your life. 


And that’s why I want to officially invite you to join me and other leading men in…

Your partnership with Muscle Intelligence and Phase One – should you apply and be accepted – will transform your training, nutrition, lifestyle, and mindset faster than anything you’ve ever experienced. 

Here's why: Men fail for
three reasons.

(1) They start with the right motivation but the wrong, flawed model.

(2) They lost motivation somewhere along the way and failed to stick with it.

(3) They didn’t have the resilience to overcome the first two.

And that’s where PHASE ONE enters the picture.

PHASE ONE eliminates all those problems.


You start with the right motivation – AND – the right muscle-building model.


You won’t lose motivation because you’re working with the greatest transformation team on the planet.


And your body will become more resilient with each passing week.



Want to increase your testosterone levels to build more muscle and enjoy a higher quality sex life? 


Then you need to build your resilience in at least 7 areas: a healthy diet rich in high-quality

protein, regular exercise, weight management, stress management, quality sleep, reduced alcohol and tobacco consumption, and managing chronic health conditions. 


If that feels like a lot, don’t worry.

Phase One has you covered.

It removes the overwhelm, separates fact from fiction, and clarifies every step in the process. 



Physical objects tend to come to rest when they are overcome by friction. 


Strike a cue ball as hard as you can, and it rolls to a stop due to friction. 


Where’s the friction in your life stopping you from

chasing down your highest potential? 


Is it flawed training? Bad nutrition? Poor sleep patterns? 


Can’t get your head in the game? 


Friction is a progress killer. 


And there’s only ONE reason friction has forced you to fail in the past. 


You need to build up your tolerance to exercise.

Without it, you can’t chase down your highest potential. With it, you are unstoppable. 


Without it, you lose your optimistic spirit. With it, you are energized to be excellent. 


Without it, you fall into a cycle of misery. With it, each new day brings opportunity. 


In other words, everything you want in life can be had – IF – you have enough physical strength, metabolic stamina, physiological resilience, and psychological power. 


And that’s why you need PHASE ONE. 


It’s the ONE sure path to building the “CORE FOUR,” high-impact habits that’ll change your life. 


So you can have the most positive influence on your family. On your friends. In your community.

Your family:

If you have kids, you know they watch your every move. What you do in moderation, they’ll do in excess. What you tell them to do is different from what they’ll do. What you do is what they will model. A great dad embodies resilience. It oozes from his bone marrow. And your wife and kids will follow a resilient man. 

Your friends:

The cost of missed opportunities is massive. Missed opportunities in business cost entrepreneurs millions. Miss opportunities to influence your friends due to a lack of resilience cost much more than money. It costs them your best self. 

Your community:

This world needs resilient men now more than ever. And we are derelict of duty if we fail to build as much resilience in our lives as humanly possible.

It's time to get unstuck, break through your plateaus, and start growing again.

It's time for PHASE ONE.




First, we’ll address any age-related muscle loss known as sarcopenia. Because the reality is we’re losing our physical capability, and unfortunately, stress is adding to the decline. How well do you move? How well do you train? How strong are you? What are your physical capabilities? What are your limitations? Listen, fatigue makes cowards of us all. So you must recover to optimize your body.


How well does your metabolism use nutrients from your food? How well does your metabolism mobilize energy from the energy stores inside your body? How well does your body switch fuel sources without one fuel?


How well do you adjust and adapt to life stressors such as temperature, pH, CO2, absence of nutrients, absence of sleep, toxins, etc?


How well do you adapt to mental challenges? What is your cognitive framing around stress? Do you avoid it? Or do you feel prepared and say, “Bring it on?” How well do you tolerate emotional change? How well do you regulate emotions? Why is all this important? Because a tired brain doesn’t care about anything. Not your goals. Not your dreams. Not your commitments you’ve made to yourself. An energized mind, however, separates men like you and me from the masses.

So listen, it’s decision time.


And you may be wondering if you should join PHASE ONE.



Here’s how you can know for sure.


Now does this quote strike you?


“I’ve always believed that the definition of hell is reaching the end of your life and coming face-to-face with the person you might have been.” – unknown


Or this one?


“Besides, it is a disgrace to grow old through sheer carelessness before seeing what manner of man you may become by developing your bodily strength and beauty to their highest limit. But you cannot see that, if you are careless; for it will not come of its own accord.” – Socrates


Or this one?


“To each, there comes in their lifetime a special moment when they are figuratively tapped on the shoulder and offered the chance to do a very special thing unique to them and fit into their talents. What a tragedy if that moment finds them unprepared or unqualified for that which could have been their finest honor.” – Churchill


If these quotes resonate with you, then you are invited to apply for Muscle Intelligence’s PHASE ONE.



And should you apply and be accepted, you will transform your body faster than anything you’ve ever experienced.

Here’s another great reason.


If you’ve ever been frustrated that people give up on you too soon, you’ll fit right in with PHASE ONE.



Because we never give up on our clients.


We stick with you until you experience a profound revelation of your potential and show up as your best self every day.


It’s the Muscle Intelligence way.

To get started, click the link below.








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