MI40 Xtreme a.k.a.

the Cell Expansion Protocol

The next generation of muscle building science and application for massive muscle gain and improved body composition




The Science & Why It Is So Effective

You may have been told that you are limited by your genetics, and to some degree that is true. You are born with a certain number of nuclei in your muscle cells which are responsible for the speed that you are able to recover from resistance training and grow. However, using the Cell Expansion Protocol (CEP) in MI40-X it is possible to actually force your body to add more nuclei to your cells, making you able to recover faster!

The rate at which you recover is the limiting factor in how fast you can grow. That is the main reason people take steroids. Now, with this revolutionary training protocol it is possible to get the same effect naturally!

This revolutionary training technique has been named NOS-X, and it only takes 4 MINUTES to do!

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Have a look at the guys
I've shared this secret with...

Have a look at the guys I've shared this secret with...

I thought to myself, what do I do now?

Jason Gibson

I found the original MI40 plan and thought “That’s it I’ve changed my life, training can’t get better”! I was so so wrong!

I regularly posted online about MI40 and how the principals were making huge changes to my physique. However, I thought to myself, what do I do now?

Luckily Ben and his team had seen me talking about MI40 and let me know about the NEW MI40X program. I was actually blown away by this program. This is not a program for the feint of heart, having done the Graduate and Pro levels (2 of 3 levels of workouts that come with the program) I can attest to this. Graduate (intermediate) is a HARD HARD level, I’d say it’s just a slightly less painful version of the PRO version, but it’s still insane.

I found my body constantly changing, growing and somehow, getting leaner. I was doing totally new things with my muscles and they were responding every single session. Before I started MI40X I was 186lbs, upon completing the graduate level I was up to 200lbs! I was blown away, this wasn’t 14lbs of fat either, this is good quality lean mass.

I can’t thank Ben enough for creating this as it has allowed me to totally transform my physique and get me noticed when I walk around the gym. Now it’s everywhere I have people asking me how on earth I did this…MI40X baby!

I was amazed at how far my body had come!

Jonathan Klinvex

After completing Hypertrophy MAX this past year, I was amazed at how far my body had come from where I started. However, I had no idea just how my body was about to transform throughout MI40X. Utilizing intra-set stretching, CS-6 sets, and the unique rep tempos positioned my body for optimum muscle growth. The workouts were unbelievably challenging as well as rewarding. Throughout the 6 weeks my 10 rep squat weight went from 185lbs to 245lbs, gained 7lbs, but most importantly my mind muscle connection increased 10 fold. Now I can utilize the right muscles at the right times using intention and initiating with the working muscle. I’m super excited to see how my body changes from here with this new knowledge!

I gained 14lbs overall!

Adam Schmidt

I’m very pleased with my results. I know I could’ve cranked up my intensity in the first half of the program. I really wanted improve my mind/muscle connection, which I did. This proved to be more a mental challenge for me even more than a physical one. I had a lot of things that could’ve derailed my efforts, somehow I managed through it to finish. I’m my heaviest I’ve ever been at 182lbs. I gained 14lbs overall!

Pushed me to new limits!

Joanne Giannini

I had previously done MI40 and learned so much from that program that I didn’t think it was possible to outdo it. Wrong! I absolutely loved MI40X and am truly honored to have been one of the “chosen ones” to try it out before it is released to the public! I’ve been a NASM certified personal trainer for 6 years now and it just amazes me that despite how much fitness knowledge I possess, there is just SO MUCH more to be learned. MI40X included some techniques I had never tried in the past, such as the intra-set stretching, that really pushed me to new limits. Additionally, I had never dreamed of doing straight sets of 21 reps on heavy compound exercises like deadlifts, having typically done only lower reps of these exercises at the beginning of a workout. And the split designs in general were so different from my norm. Also, like everyone else I had my favorite go to exercises. This program pushed me to do exercises I normally avoided, like reverse grip pull-ups, which I have come to love.

As a result of all these elements, I believe I got well above-average gains for me, particularly when considering the short six-week timeframe. My upper body, and in particular my chest, really grew noticeably. I will without a doubt be doing this program again and feel confident that I will get even more out of it the second time around now that I have a good grasp of how much I can push my body.

With Mi40X I got BIGGER and LEANER!

Bryan Zionskowski

I am always trying to learn new ways to improve my training and technique. Being a competitive bodybuilder myself, improvements are everything. When Ben came out with the original MI40 I was all over it. MI40 completely changed my way of thinking in every way from training, to nutrition and supplementation. I learned so much in that 6 weeks and it really took my physique to an all new level.

Just when I thought nothing could match the quality and knowledge of MI40, Ben outdoes himself again by introducing the all new MI40X” completely blowing any other training program out of the water. Having done the original MI40 first, it really helped me to understand and execute MI40X to the absolute fullest. Let me tell you, the results and improvements SHOWED.

Before I started MI40X I was a fairly lean 185lbs, at the end of the program I was a leaner 195lbs. Yes that’s right BIGGER and LEANER! I didn’t even think that was possible in such a short time period. Not to mention I put on 2 inches on my legs, 3 inches in shoulder width and a whole inch on my arms. Let me tell you my arms are my most stubborn body part to grow, MI40X made them grow. With a gain of 10lbs in lean muscle, all the improvements I’ve made, and the amount of knowledge I’ve gained, MI40X was well worth all the pain and suffering the workouts caused.

I’ve already recommended to so many of my friends and people around the gym that they try both MI40 and MI40X, and I have yet to hear of an unsatisfied customer. In fact, they just come back asking for MORE. I am proud and thrilled to say that I am proof that this program works. This program is so clear-cut and full of in-depth knowledge that I feel as if I know Ben personally. If you are looking to completely change your way of training for the better and take your physique to an all new level, MI40X will provide nothing less than the best.

Now i feel like superwoman

Leyla Bruderlin

My MI40X results were pretty awesome!. I am extremely pleased with the muscle gains I made! This program changed the way I think, feel, and look at hard training. Not only were the different training concepts extremely challenging for the body, and beyond anything I could have imagined. The most discipline I experienced was the battle of the mind, pushing through and taking myself to a level I couldn’t even conceive. It’s almost like an outer-body experience. I was excited for every workout, dreaded every workout, destroyed every workout, and felt like superwoman after every workout. Loved this program!

My gains are unparalleled!

Ali Naderi

I must start by saying that MI40X was the most challenging forty day feat I have ever attempted, let alone completed! I am not new to Ben Pakulski’s training style or his methodologies, but nothing could have prepared me for MI40X. The system was grounded in the basic principles introduced in the original MI40, but the intensity was kicked up to an unforeseen level. The physical and mental toll it took on me were unparalleled, and so were the gains!

The program starts out in traditional MI40 fashion, with intense exercises that leave you completely wiped out in under 60 minutes. After three weeks I was about as spent as I was after all forty days of the original MI40!

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