​MAY ​22-24


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​The objective of this course is to empower you with a powerful framework and skill set to confidently approach any client knowing exactly how to start, and where the biggest opportunities are to make the fastest change.

We will also explore the most important tracking metrics that should be guiding all decisions around training, cardio and nutrition. This framework will remove the guesswork and empower you and the client to know that results are a foregone conclusion.

By the end of this course​, every trainer will be able to:

• Understand and apply the 6 Pillars of a Lean, Healthy, and Muscular Body to any body.
• Identify and focus on the big keys to creating lasting physique change.
• Look at exercise with a completely different paradigm: Muscle Centric Exercise
• Understand and apply Intelligent Exercise Principles.
• Identify the biggest mistakes personal trainers are making that are causing people harm, killing results, and leaving lasting damage.
• Look at a body and quickly see the imbalances to be addressed.
• Understand and apply HRV.
• Understand and apply basic breathing practices and the implications of breathing biochemistry, biomechanics, and cadence  
• Have a foundational understanding of the energy systems in the body, and how that applies directly to getting results.

​• Know the foundations of human health and    performance optimization.
• Correct exercise execution.
• Cue exercise to improve contraction and decrease pain.
• Know the most important place to begin with any client.
• Understand the psychology of behaviour change.
• Create lasting change.
• Create buy-in, trust, and rapport.
• Become a better coach.
• Make your clients love training and love the gym.



​DAY 1

​THE 6 PILLARS, creating a success Mindset, intelligent training

What are the things we do that have the greatest impact on our physiology?


​Breathe - Move - Think - Sleep - Eat - The environment in which you do all of this.

These are the things that we can and must impact on a day to day basis to optimize body, our health and performance.

Knowing how to impact them, how to measure them, and which one is most important to impact for each person is a super-power towards getting results for any person with the goal of improved health, performance or physique.

This is the foundation of optimizing every human body and its interaction with the world.

These form the basis of the 6 pillars of a Lean, Healthy, and Muscular body

Stress - Breathing and the ANS.

Intelligent Training - Move

Mental Mastery - Think

Sleep - Sleep

Intelligent Nutrition - Eat

Your Environment (Air, Water, Light, Sound, EMF/RF, People) - Where you do all of this.

Section 1: Mindset and creating behaviour change:

In this section we will learn:

  • To Identify someones reason for self sabotage.
  • How to create behaviour change by starting at the root of it.
  • How to begin changing someones identity.
  • What neuroscience shows about changing the brain.
  • How exercise affects brain change.
  • How stress affects brain change
  • How negative self talk crushes results.
  • The Victim Vs Owner mindset
  • The single most important factor in short and long term success.

Section 2: Intelligent Training Principles: A new paradigm around exercise: Muscle Centric Exercise.  

  • ​What is Muscle centric exercise.
  • ​Nervous system
  • ​Muscle centric Vs movement centric.
  • ​The keys to all progress: Mobility, Skill. and Stability.
  • ​The 3 hubs of Stability.
  • ​Mobility vs Flexibility.
  • ​Internal vs External Stability.
  • ​Function vs Action.
  • ​Strength Vs Stability.
  • ​Isolation and Integration.
  • ​Intro to SSI.
  • ​Integration of skill and output.
  • ​Core 40.
  • ​Exercise selection.
  • ​Counter-force concepts to improve strength, output and growth.
  • ​“Complimentary Exercises”: Concept and application. How to pair exercises for a synergistic affect.
  • ​How to Progress: TDL.

​DAY ​2

​energy systems |  stress management | breathing

Section 3: Energy systems.

  • ​Aerobic, Anaerobic Alactic, Anaerobic lactic:
        // What you need to know.
        // How to train them.
        // Why knowing them is so important
        // How they impact results.
        // How they impact dietary needs.
  • ​HIIT vs SS.
  • ​Using energy systems to maximize performance for sport, and Fat loss protocols.

Section 4: Stress management: Understanding and using HRV.

​*This will be an introduction to the science of the HRV (Heart Rate Variability and the Autonomic NS. We will learn its importance, how to impact it, and how it impacts every decision you make with yourself and clients.

We will focus on applying this information and creating enough of an understanding to be able to make quick and significant changes to this vital system.

  • ​​The most important marker in training and diet: HRV.
  • ​What is HRV.
  • ​Understanding the HPA axis-ANS integration.
  • ​Sympathetic Nervous system.
  • ​Parasympathetic Nervous system.
  • ​How to use HRV to determine training, nutrition and drive results.

Section 5: Foundational and Performance Breathing.

​A hands on breathing experience explaining the affects and implications of breathing on health and performance. Practical breathing techniques and concepts to alter states, and advance body and mind.

  • ​Performance Breathing.
  • ​Biomechanics, Biochemistry, Cadence.
  • ​The 3 foundations of all human optimization.
  • ​Body-Mind integration (HRV, Breath, and mind states).

​DAY ​​3

​Crafting a client experience and getting results

Section 6: Client assessment, managing expectations, creating a mental framework of success.

The ins and outs of becoming a world class coach that gets results, improves health of body and mind, and is in high demand.

  • ​When a client walks into your life, how do you know the most effective way to begin?
  • ​How to assess goals?
  • ​Creating rapport.
  • ​Being a leader. (caring, non judgement and honesty)
  • ​How to create buy-in.
  • ​Creating self-belief and empowering a client with the confidence to KNOW that they can, and will get any result their after.
  • ​Maximizing results while meeting and exceeding expectations is the key to creating a successful personal training experience.
  • ​How to maximize the client experience.
  • ​In the current age of intelligent muscle building and fitness, guessing is not an option, not getting results is not an option.
  • ​Trainers at every level are expected to not always have the right answer, but have an intelligent thought process, a growth mindset, an insatiable desire to improve, and an altruistic passion for helping others.
  • ​How to conduct yourself as a professional.
  • ​How to keep clients forever.

Section 7: Crafting a client experience and getting results on the gym floor.

  • ​Exercise Cueing; how to get someone to do an exercise correctly.
  • ​Bracing, and understanding where an exercise will break down so you can know how to get better results.
  • ​The best things to do between sets.
  • ​Creating mental anchors within the facility.
  • ​Creating mental anchors of joy, happiness, achievement, fulfillment, celebration within every workout.


​Its time for a paradigm shift in the way you look at transforming the body, and it begins now. We believe that getting results is easy when you have a clear starting point, and learn which levers to pull to create a straight line to the clients desired goal.

This course will be your framework, and your roadmap.

We are here to educate and empower you with the knowledge and skill set to build any amount of muscle, lose fat, reduce stress, and create a thriving body and mind. First for yourself, and then for your clients, friends and family. Everyone has the ability to change. Knowing where to look first to quickly move the needle, is the key to creating self belief, forward momentum, and buy-in necessary to change someones life.

Most people don't doubt your ability to get results, they doubt their own ability to follow through and get results. We will provide you with tools, and thought process you need to accelerate your results, and feel absolutely confident in your ability to deliver world class results to anyone that walks into your life.


​MAY ​22-24


​Regular Price - $1297

​For MI40 Nation/MI40 Gym Members - $997

​* Bring a friend and get 50% off their registration