5 Biggest

Learn the 5 Biggest Training Mistakes Killing your Joints and Stalling your Progress. NO ONE is talking about #4 but it’s arguably THE Most Important.

9 Major

Learn How to Correct the 5 Nutrition Mistakes that are Actually Contributing to your Love Handles, Slowing your Metabolism and Preventing Results.

Top 7

Learn How I’ve helped my clients Naturally Boost your Testosterone to Build More Muscle, Melt Belly Fat, Increase your Libido, Have more Energy and Better Sex.

About Ben Pakulski

Ben Pakulski, “The Godfather of Intelligent Muscle Building,” is widely considered the world’s best muscle expert and top authority on physique optimization and lifestyle integration for high-achieving men over 35.


Ben is the CEO of the Muscle Intelligence Brand, host of the Muscle Intelligence Podcast, and creator of MI40, the best-selling brand that has helped millions of students, coaches and trainers transform their bodies and lives.


As an IFBB Professional Bodybuilder, Ben competed in 23 shows including the Mr. Olympia Contest, from 2008-2016 and was considered one of the top 10 bodybuilders in the world for many years.


After a 20-year bodybuilding career, Ben found his new passion and redirected his focus towards helping executives, pro-athletes and entrepreneurs look, feel and perform at their best.

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