THE rules:



21 Training Rules to
maximize muscle
building on a
ketogenic diet

  1. The goal is to improve your ability to contract muscles harder, NOT simply to complete reps.
  2. Aim to get better and better, NOT to do more and more.
  3. If you want to build maximum muscle, watch the “Stability Series” Videos, read the document and apply it before EVERY workout.
  4. Stability will govern growth. Do your activations and “warm ups” to activate and stabilize.
  5. If you notice something moving that shouldn’t be, you’re taking away from the working muscle.
  6. Train stability by spending more time in the range where you see the weakness/instability.
  7. Strength starts in the trunk/spine. Stabilize there on every rep. Create an unbendable core. If it’s moving, it’s taking away from your ability to grow.
  8. DO NOT use forced reps or poor form EVER.
  9. The set is done once you cannot perform another single rep with stability and control.
  10. Watch at least one video for the body part you will be training each day.
  11. Do not add extra drop sets, super sets, or extra exercises. Aim to do the work prescribed with harder contractions.
  12. PAY ATTENTION and measure the rest periods. They are very important to the stimulus.
  13. Breathing happens through the nose only.
  14. Adding in Abs, Glutes and Core training is never a bad idea. Add it in between sets if the rest periods feel long, before the workout to improve stability, or after the workout to introduce extra stability training.
  15. READ the sets, reps, and exercise NOTES. THEY MATTER! This is where the true intricacies of the workout will shine.​
  16. A1 followed by A2 (or any letter) this indicates these are to be done in superset format. Do exercise A1, then A2, then rest.
  17. B1 followed by C1 means these are straight sets. Complete all  sets of B before moving to C.
  18. When you see a rep scheme listed as 10,10, or 6,6. This means do this exercise with a single drop. Ex/Do 10 reps, drop 20% do  another 10 reps.
  19. 6x 3,8,3,8,3,8 Means: do 3 reps, rest full 3 minutes, do 8 reps, rest full 3 minutes, do 3 reps etc Adjust weights appropriately. The  goal is to use the heavy weight to potentiate the light weight.
  20. When you’re done training, spend 5 minutes alone “meditating” or just being still/calm and slowing your breath.
  21. Consider stretching when your workout is over. Be mindful of 5:5  breath (5 seconds in, 5 seconds out).

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