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​Why It’s Possible to Get Bigger, Stronger AND Leaner at the Same Time…


These 3 keys — which correspond to 3 very common and damaging mistakes you MUST avoid — will help you maximize fat loss and increase muscle gain while following a brain boosting, super-simple, ketogenic diet.

Traditional belief has been that you can’t optimally build muscle and size while also shredding fat. But that’s simply not true. It just requires a very different process. As you’re about to discover, building muscle and losing fat on a ketogenic diet is absolutely possible and comes down to a few simple tweaks — what we call the “3 activators to keto muscle.”  These 3 keys — which correspond to 3 very common and damaging mistakes you MUST avoid — will help you maximize fat loss and increase muscle gain while following a brain boosting, super-simple, ketogenic diet.

​They allow you to get the best of both worlds. Most people know the incredible health, brain boosting and longevity benefits of a ketogenic diet, but few recognize that building muscle is in fact possible while following a low carbohydrate ketogenic diet.Whether your goal is to add muscle, or just learn how to keep all the muscle you have while shredding all the excess fat, these 3 forgotten facts will be the key to maximizing your results on a ketogenic diet.

Why Do Keto When the “Traditional“​Way Works?

​Simple: because a ketogenic diet is one of the most powerful tools for rapidly improving health, improving brain function, and transforming your body without brain fog and drastic energy swings.

​After a period of intelligently executed fat adaptation on a ketogenic diet, you literally shift the way you feel, massively upgrade the efficiency of your mitochondria and your ability to produce energy from stored fat. You’re able to make more energy, avoid blood sugar ups and downs, and basically completely eliminate hunger as your body feasts on the 1000’s of calories of unwanted stored fat energy. You will feel awesome, and your overall cellular health, brain function and focus will feel like you’ve take a ride in Doc Emmit Brown’s flying Delaurean time machine back to a time when you were flying through life with endless energy.

​The key to a successful body transformation on a ketogenic diet starts with following through, and that means feeling great all the time and having energy to complete all daily tasks with energy to spare for workouts, family, and fun.  To do this, it’s important to make sure your body is using fat for fuel as often as possible, while avoiding the break down of muscle tissue. That seems obvious, but despite most people knowing this, they don’t understand HOW to make sure it is a reality. People experience sways in energy and focus, which leads to cravings and binging, or reaching for more cups of coffee that hinder the high quality sleep that is so essential for recovery.


Here’s a Shocking Truth

About the Ketogenic Diet Most People NEVER Realize

You can be eating a 100% ketogenic diet and still be using more carbohydrates for fuel. Hard to believe? It’s absolutely a fact–and those people will end up storing the fat they eat, lack the energy and focus many people rave about, and have a hard time adding muscle or losing fat on a ketogenic diet. This doesn’t have to be the case.

​​If you don’t know the factors that influence whether your body is using fat or carbohydrate at rest, and how to use this knowledge to your advantage, you could be eating a diet high in fat, and end up storing more fat than you burn. (It’s true, because we’ve been there too!) People assume that because they’re only eating fat and protein, that is what the body will burn. This is NOT the case.

Your Workouts Could Be the Very Thing Sending You into “Stress Mode” Killing your progress. 

​Exercise is a direct stress on your body and when not performed correctly to match a ketogenic diet, could be the very thing preventing you from effective and rapid fat loss.

​Your body is always adjusting to its environment and stressors. Exercise is a direct stress on your body and when not performed correctly to match a ketogenic diet, could be the very thing preventing you from effective and rapid fat loss. There are a certain small group of things that need to be done in order to maximize the results you experience on a ketogenic diet.  No matter how perfect your diet, if your exercise routine is causing an internal state that requires more carbohydrates, your body will constantly kick you out of ketosis to deal with this high amount of stress and demand for glycogen. You see, if you’ve been eating carbohydrates your entire life like most people, your body has actually grown accustomed to using the carbs to cope with stress.

​When we get stressed, cortisol (the stress hormone) shoots up. Carbohydrates bring this back down. If carbs are not present in the diet, the body no longer has this coping strategy so it will create the glycogen it needs through a process called gluconeogenesis. A well-fed person with adequate fat intake, who is following a smart training program, can easily create enough glucose from fat to power through short intense bouts of exercise. However, if the person is underfed and training incorrectly, this person’s body could be creating glycogen from protein or muscle breakdown–no bueno!

If You Train the Way You Normally Do on a Ketogenic Diet


​​Being on a ketogenic diet is not the same as a carbohydrate rich diet. That’s very obvious. What’s not obvious to most people is how we should be adjusting our life, and workout routines to accommodate for the lack of carbohydrates in the diet and make the most of this incredibly powerful ketogenic state. Many people switch to a ketogenic diet and continue to do what they’ve always done with training. This is a big mistake and will have you running face first into a brick wall plateau, burning muscle instead of fat, and assuming keto is too hard or just doesn’t work for you.

​​In fact, we both went through this the first time we tried a ketogenic diet. It was stressful, we were tired all the time, and lacked the energy to even spend quality time with the people we love, let alone train hard enough to build muscle.  It becomes easy to get caught in the trap of reaching for more coffee and stimulants which can hurt gains more than help them.

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​Man Did We Learn This Lesson the Hard Way…

​​Ben’s Story:

I was training hard and wanted to try a ketogenic diet that is known to literally melt away fat in days instead of months or years, so I decided to give it a shot.  Never having truly experienced a ketogenic diet, even though I was always an advocate of a low carb lifestyle.  I continued training the way I always had on a carbohydrate rich diet. I was fine for the first few days and saw my weight dropping immediately. After a week, I started to notice that my pumps were gone, and I felt like I was losing muscle. I understood that the lack of carbohydrates would lead to depleting muscle glycogen so I didn’t panic and kept on training hard. After about 2 weeks, my body had fully adapted to a ketogenic diet (I was staying above 0.5 mmol/l blood ketones consistently) my mind felt great and I was able to push harder in my training. Results started coming well.I’m a motivated guy, so had little issue pushing hard and long in my workouts. After a few weeks of training this way I noticed that my body fat hadn’t dropped, and if anything it seemed to now have completely stopped going down, and I certainly wasn’t gaining any muscle.It’s because…

My Training Was Preventing Me from Using Fat as Fuel

And if you’ve struggled to gain muscle or shed fat on a ketogenic diet (or you try without understanding this) — it will be the same for you, too.

​​​​Being in a ketogenic state is very different from a carbohydrate rich state, this is obvious. Adjusting your training to compliment this rather than hinder it is going to be the key to your success.It’s not complicated. It’s actually quite simple, just not common knowledge. Until now.Mainstream media and fitness “authorities” attempt to simplify fitness for the masses by saying that simply “working hard” and eating “well” will get you results. Or maybe they suggest it’s just about being in a caloric deficit for fat loss, and in a caloric surplus for adding muscle. While this may be true for very low-level beginners, if you’ve been training for longer than a year, that approach is often the very thing killing your progress, sapping you of energy, and making it almost impossible to lose fat without starving yourself and doing hours of endless cardio, which we know by now is a disaster waiting to happen. Working “hard” is only useful if your burning more fat for fuel, and encouraging your body to use more stored fat for fuel

ENERGY IN; ENERGY OUT….But what energy?As you know, your body has two major energy sources.Carbohydrates (Glycogen) and fats.Influencing what energy source your body prefers for fuel, and how much energy is produced are the key to whether you’re growing or shrinking. Whether you burn fat or store it.Our society is accustomed to always having a steady flow of carbs in our diet so our bodies have adjusted to always having sugar around and therefore become really bad at burning fats.When you begin to understand the basics of what influences whether the body uses carbohydrates, protein, or fat as fuel, this principle becomes very obvious.You see, certain internal states of the body will allow you to easily use fat for fuel (parasympathetic state) while other internal states (sympathetic) will very quickly have your body breaking down muscle to use as fuel as a result of elevated stress hormones.

​Deeper Into the 3 Keys for Maximizing Fat Loss and Muscle Gain on a Ketogenic Diet: 

​First of all, you ARE NOT what you eat! You are what your body does with what you eat. There is no doubt that the amount of protein and fat you eat matters, but even more important than that is what your body decides to do with those nutrients that you consume once they enter your body, and what your body decides to use as fuel while you’re at rest.

​​Think of the inside of your body as a soup. When you’re stressed, your cells are bathing in a soup of stress hormones and neurotransmitters and responding as though a Lion is sitting in the room beside you. This is a very different soup than if you are lying on a beach, soaking up sun without a care in your mind. Your “internal soup” determines how your cells use fuel, and this internal state is a result of what you subject your body to.


​​”6 Activators of a Lean, Healthy and Muscular Physique.”

Your Training, Sleep, Stress, Nutrition, Mindset, and Environment are all the external influences on your internal state. And the way you look is a direct result of the combination of all of these factors.

​If I am on a high fat ketogenic diet, but exercise is mistakenly pushing my body into a state that requires more carbohydrates (glycogen), my body will begin breaking down muscle to produce the glycogen it needs and begin storing the fats I eat.  This is a very common problem (I know. It happened to me).

​​But the cool thing is that we now know how to see where the body is sitting, what energy it is using, and adjust things to maximize results for any person, for any goal. It doesn’t require you being in a lab, doctors office, or even in the gym.

​The 3 biggest mistakes to building muscle on a ketogenic diet

Keto Muscle Mistake #1:

​Mindlessly Working “Hard“

Keto Muscle Mistake #​2:

Mismanaging Workout Times and Rest Between Sets

Keto Muscle Mistake #​3:

​Overstressing Your System, and Training in the Deadzone

How to go to the NEXT LEVEL of the Keto Muscle Gains in Less Time

Of course, this is BARELY scratching the surface of everything you must know to maximize muscle gains AND fat loss while on a ketogenic diet. I think you see that most experts, trainers and so-called “gurus” have no clue about any of this — and therefore aren’t able to really help you design a program that helps you hit your goals. I know because I read everything — literally EVERYTHING out there — trying to understand the science behind maximizing gains on a ketogenic diet. Ultimately, what I realized was that there wasn’t a clear system or blueprint available — and I had to CREATE one. So I spent nearly a year doing my own research… experimenting on my own body… and working closely with my team to put together a system. It’s called…

​4 Weeksto MaximumKeto Muscle

​And it’s BY FAR the best and only program available of its kind, anywhere.

You already know how incredibly sophisticated my approach to training is. You know that for over a decade, OTHER top professionals and trainers have been flying to my gym to learn the science of training (right down to specific motion mechanics of exercises)… in order to get the best possible results. 

​And this program is no different. It completely pulls back the curtain on everything you need — the exact step-by-step program we recommend (and will show you how to personalize)… in order to get the BEST possible muscle-building and fat loss results on a ketogenic diet.

This Is Everything I Would Have Wanted When I First Tried to Build Muscle on a Ketogenic Diet.

​It includes instruction from ME, and Danny Vega — highly sought-after founder of “Keto Counter Culture” — leading you through training for a 6 week  Muscle Building and Fat loss phase.

​At its core, the program focuses on the EXACT training process you need… in order to maximize muscle… minimize fat… and get you strong on a ketogenic diet.

​​You’ll get 5 hours of step-by-step video training that focuses on:

  • Two 4 week fully structured training programs.
  • Two scientifically designed and tested cardio and HIIT fat loss programs created for people on a ketogenic diet.
  • The science of adapting your training to a ketogenic diet.
  • Access to Ben’s “CORE 40” Essential Exercise Execution Mastery video library.  The 40 exercises you must master to grow every body part (via the fast-acting bonus today).
  • Keto Exclusive Content: How to execute movements and workouts properly, and in a way that doesn’t kick you into “carb mode”.
  • ​Why the traditional bodybuilding approach to training and recovery WON’T work for you on this diet (and everything you must do differently to maximize gains).
  • ​The biggest nutritional mistakes (including things like adding butter and MCT oil to coffee—and all the ways you have to adjust your nutrition to match your training).
  • ​How to pinpoint and troubleshoot when your fat metabolism isn’t working (and how to fix a broken ability to burn fat).
  • ​Systematically eliminating every possible barrier to YOU becoming a muscle-building, fat-burning BEAST on this program.
  • ​Advanced training 101: the next level of training and programming on a ketogenic diet (including how to personalize your own program).
  • ​And much, much more.

This video training is the next best thing to having me and Danny in the gym (or at your home) with you… guiding you from where you are to success.

And it’s only the beginning of what you’ll get.

In addition to video training, you’ll also get written instructions that cover everything (including some things not in the video) — so that you can go deeper, and add more structure to your plan.

​T​his is a 20 page document that will help you…

  • ​Adapt to a ketogenic diet.
  • ​Minimize the “keto flu” and feel awesome.
  • ​Nail first 3 weeks of a keto muscle building diet.
  • ​Understand how to minimize muscle loss.
  • ​Teach you how to adjust protein intake.
  • Choosing the right fats (and avoiding those that work against you).
  • Know when to incorporate carbs.
  • Secrets for optimizing stress. 
  • My newest recovery protocols. 
  • ​How to smash through keto plateaus.
  • ​And so much more.

​​It’s another layer of the education process that takes you deeper, and further ensures you get everything you need out of this 6-w​eek program.

​Expert Interviews to Give You Multiple Perspectives on Success

​​Look, while I think my credentials and experience speak for themselves… I’m far from the only expert out there, especially when it comes to the ketogenic diet. So I’ve rounded up some of the BEST trainers, teachers, and flat-out DOERS… guys with the best knowledge and/or physiques in the keto muscle building community. And because I know this process so well, I’m able to interview them and go DEEP into their bag of tricks… avoiding the surface-level BS you get in most interviews… … and pushing them to give up some of their best tools, tips, and insights that YOU need to maximize your results. And to further personalize your program and approach to your lifestyle and goals.

​​​to Further Accelerate Your Gains — I’m Including Two Additional Bonuses


Discounts on our favorite ketogenic muscle building products.


​​Exclusive coaching call with me and Danny to answer all your questions.

This Program Will Save You Thousands of Dollars In Lost Time and Money, But You Won’t Pay That… 

I’ve worked with guys who wasted YEARS trying ineffective approaches, products and programs that didn’t work. Some failed to get results, but stayed the same. While Others went in the WRONG direction – the opposite of their goals. 

​​​It’s hard to put a number to how much this cost them, because doing a ketogenic diet and training program wrong can make you MISERABLE. No energy… no gains… brain fog and low mood… it makes everything in your life harder.

​That’s why I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised to learn that your investment in this program is just


​It’s Backed By My Ironclad “Get Results or Get Your Money-Back” Guarantee 

I’m so confident in what Danny and I have created… So sure that if you follow what’s outlined in the videos and blueprint… That you’ll not only avoid the failure that will come from trying to do this alone… You absolutely WILL get impressive results. It’s worked for me… it’s worked for guys Danny and I have trained… and it will work for you, IF you follow the instructions. Which means that we have no problem FULLY backing this program with a 30-day, money-back guarantee.

​Go through the program… watch all the videos… use the blueprint… listen to the interviews… and most importantly, TAKE ACTION…… and in the unlikely event you don’t agree that it’s the best program of its kind, or see positive results…Then we’ll refund every penny you paid.Of course, we expect you to be honorable and USE the program and take action. Because that’s the only way it can work.

So What Are You Waiting For?

​Your Gains Are Just Weeks Away


“Thanks for your guidance as my body has done a complete transformation and I’m in the best condition of my life. I will certainly be a fan for life and have began spreading the word to friends, family and new comers.”

– Eddie Berlanga

“Love your content. I’ve been following your principles for about 4 months and your approach to training has been a revelation. Thank you for sharing your wisdom.” 

– Rob Krastich

“Thanks to these training methods I’ve been invited to compete in the Ben Weider Classic In Watford, UK. This is a big deal for me coming from South Africa, competing in an NPC event. Just wanted you to know that I appreciate it so much.

– Kevin Keyrouz

“I’ve followed you for a long time and reaped the benefits of all your free content, so I’d be remiss to not acknowledge that I wanted to support you financially with my hard earned money as a token of my gratitude and respect, although I can already tell I’m getting the better end of the deal by a long shot. The price I paid in money pales in comparison to the education I’m receiving.”

– Josh Beighley

“First, I truly love the program and education so far. I really enjoy reprogramming what I thought I already knew and opening up another dimension of weight training that has revived my love for it.”

– Jared Mott

“Everything you are saying makes total sense and worth way more than you charged. You have been helping people not just to improve their body but to live their greatest life. I am so glad I invested.”

– Tushar Arora

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​There’s no reason you can’t have the same experience, or get powerful results.

We’ll see you inside!

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