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 Being lean, healthy and muscular shouldn’t be hard or confusing.
The old school approach is broken and outdated. Coaches are undereducated and undertrained. Courses are inaccurate. Information is incomplete. And it’s often the people with the least to say who shout the loudest.

We’ve all seen it.



They spout their cookie cutter approach of regurgitated sound bites with no framework and minimal background education or experience to stand on. “Works for me” is their fallback and their $7 plastic trophy is their best credential.



They simply skim off other people’s information, jump on the latest bandwagon or buzzword and regurgitate the same mindless soundbites like “it’s science”, “there’s data” or “it’s just physiology” without any real idea what they’re talking about. They lack thought, research or experience.



If you’re like those people and are looking for a one-size-fits-all program that will happily take your money, give you access to standardized, lackluster content, throw you into a massive Facebook group of average people who don’t know what they’re talking about, and hope that your ego.. the very thing that got you to where you are today, will get you a temporary result which creates a deep addiction to the next best high…


This is NOT the program for you.

But if you’re like us, the one-percenters committed to excellence, integrity and growth, keep reading.


We are known for being the best in the industry not just in the silos of training, nutrition, lifestyle and mindset.. but in the integration of all of them, and sustaining it for life.





We have DECADES of real experience on stages with the best in the world, training the top pro-athletes and most well-known competitors on the planet, and delivering the most comprehensive programming to the most successful executives in their fields.




We are who the best invest in.



So if you’re looking for:


   – a completely tailored optimization program based around the top pillars of an exceptional life;



   – a community of like-minded leaders who are committed to excellence in everything they do;


   – the best, cutting-edge information, backed by a combination of research, experience and deep contemplation;


   – and a coaching team who is uniquely trained and qualified to predict success, prevent simple mistakes and develop the exact formula for YOU…



Then you might be ready to call yourself the next Muscle Intelligent Member.

How We Can

Help You

Muscle intelligence aCCELERATE

Online Coaching With A Small Group Of Like-Minded Peers

$497 / MONTH
Muscle Intelligence

Online Coaching With Your Own Muscle Intelligence Coach

$1,000 / Month

6-Month Program

Muscle Intelligence

Highest Level Personal Coaching With Ben Pakulski

$15,000 FOR 3 MONTHS



Client Success

Over 1 Million Clients have Trusted us with Their Transformations for One Reason:

Not everyone comes in with the same goal, but we believe when someone wins, we all win.


from our M.I Community


Right Now

If you’re ready to prioritize your health and commit to achieving your goals, you’ve come to the right place. We’re known in the fitness industry for one thing: GETTING RESULTS.

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