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planning to leave a family
legacy? A will is not enough.

Did you know? According to research….

In 90% of cases, the inheritance will be depleted by the third generation. 




1. Lack of communication within the family

2. Beneficiaries who aren’t prepared 

3. The absence of a defined mission to focus family members on collective family goals


You have the power as a parent to establish and instill values, milestones, and structure into your family now that will define a strong family today, and leave an even stronger legacy.


Legado Family Foundations is a program that builds a successful family with a lasting legacy. Using the right tools, framework, and foundations ensures peace of mind and living fully now. 

A community of champions

A 7 Generation Family Constitution is a document that provides stability and clarity within your immediate family and future generations. This document holds your family’s values, family framework, and explains the “why” and “how” behind your accumulated family wealth and culture. It is always evolving based on the growth within your family, and that’s the excitement that comes with it! Without this document, children and families can feel lost wondering where they fit into their family and the world.


The Build Family Legacies program takes you through 6 phases to create your 7 Generation Family Constitution.


(see details below)

Schedule Your FREE Game Plan Call Now to Create a Fully Customized Implementation Strategy Designed to Suit your Lifestyle and Goals. 

A QUick Overview of Our PROVEN


Our Coaching Programs Consist of 4 Phases to Ensure Success:

Our world-class coaches are trained to get you the results you want in half the time. It doesn’t have to be hard if you are committed to following the plan with 100% accuracy and adherence.


We have one motto here at Muscle Intelligence: Results First.


We combine Elite-Level Accountability, World-Class Execution and Pro-Athlete Programming to Achieve Sustainable Success. 

Our clients choose us because they are tired of cookie-cutter solutions, poorly trained coaches, lackluster accountability and unsustainable results. We are the leaders in the industry for a reason. We guarantee all of our transformations, and our results speak for themselves, which is why the BEST invest in us.


Book your Game Plan Call Today with a Trained Specialist to Get Your FREE Implementation Strategy Now.



Movement is life. Your body is a reflection of the way you move. The way you do anything is the way you do everything.



Food is a signal to the body to create an internal response. What you eat matters, but the state of the body it enters matters more.



FINALLY stick to a plan that works! Use our simple, proven Adherence Model to get results by following through without falling off!

How IT Works


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Everything included
with your Purchase

Build family legacies digital program

legado family conversation cards

physical interactive workbook

legado family journal

7 generation family constitution template


7 generation family constitution example

Foundations Program Only

Live Framework

Upcoming Workshop Dates:


June 17, 4pm – 6pm (Mountain Standard Time)

June 18, 10am – 4pm (Mountain Standard Time)


August 3, Time TBD (Mountain Standard Time)

August 4, Time TBD (Mountain Standard Time)


*you can attend any monthly workshop after purchase

Foundations Program Only

Live structure
& constitution Workshop

Upcoming Workshop Dates:


July 7, 12:30pm (Mountain Standard Time)


*you can attend any monthly workshop after purchase





ongoing support

Facebook Group, support team, and access to future live calls to refresh your own Constitution.

what legado families are saying

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100% money back guarantee

What have you got to lose?

So many of our clients say when they started Legado Family it felt like the missing link to connect their family together.


So here’s our questions for you. What do you have to lose? With the guarantee we offer, why not give Legado Family a try and see how your family transforms.

Our Money Back Guarantee

This program has been meticulously created and updated over several years of working with our clients. We firmly believe that our programs will help you balance, build and bond your family. However, if you complete 80% of the program within 90 days and are not happy with your results, we’ll be happy to offer you a full refund.

This Is For you if:

This is not for you if:

Want to get Results

and sustain them for life?


The men who succeed in our coaching programs have these in common:
– They are 35 – 65 years old.

– They have achieved a high level of success in at least 1 area of life.
– They have been training for over 5 years.
– They have at least 10-20 lbs of unwanted fat.
– They are able to train 4 – 5x / week.
– They are 100% committed to changing NOW.


Men who are NOT a great fit: 
– Men who waffle over big decisions and don’t take action. 
– Men who accept their doughy dad bod.
– Men who aren’t serious about putting in the work or following a plan.

– Men who complain or blame others for their issues.
– Men who chase shiny objects, pills and potions.

Complete the Application and Be Clear on Your Goals. We can’t help you with your strategy if you don’t know where you’d like to be in 6 – 12 months.


Join the call from a quiet place, with your video on and no distractions.  

That’s our job! As long as you’re clear about where you’d like to be in 6 – 12 months, we will lay out the best plan to get you there.

The Game Plan Call is completely FREE. Once we learn more about your goals and only IF we feel you might be a great fit for our coaching, we will offer you an opportunity to work with us. For more specific investment questions, we can answer those on the FREE Game Plan Call.


In order to book the call, we ask for a nominal deposit. Don’t worry about it – it’s there to ensure you are serious about the conversation and that the time for both parties is valued. 


We will refund it if it’s not a right fit.

You will get out of it what you put in. We ask that you be willing and able to train 4 – 5x per week and commit to your weekly check-ins with your coach. For more specific questions, we can answer those on the FREE Game Plan Call.

If you’re not fully committed to becoming lean, healthy and muscular, we respectfully ask you to circle back when you are. 

Join 1000 +

Client Transformations


“As a result of working with Rich & Legado Family, our family not only now has a “Greenfield Family Playbook,” but we also have a family mission statement, a family crest being designed to hang above our fireplace, a family logo we can print on hats, shirts, mugs and stickers.”

Ben Greenfield

Co-Founder & Spokesman of Kion

“I’ve personally watched Rich and his wife build amazing relationships with their kids. The proof is in the product and all of their kids are strong, independent people. Having his advice to utilize with my own kids has been a blessing.”


Founder of Legacy Creative

“Rich has been a real mentor to me in a lot of areas, but the most impactful has been the way he parents his kids. His kids have turned out to be the type of children everyone wants to raise: respectful, hard working, and kind. His advice has had a huge impact on feeling connected as a family and our family culture.”


Garrett Gunderson

Founder of Wealth Factory

meet the founder

Ben Pakulski

Rich Christiansen is a successful entrepreneur, best-selling author,

humanitarian, mentor, and thought leader. In the business world, he has founded and co-founded 51 businesses. They range from technology, SEO, imports/exports, real estate, online sales, innovative products, lead generation, and most recently, worm poop.


He is the co-author of the book Bootstrap Business: A Step-By-Step Business Survival Guide and author of the bestselling book, The Zigzag Principle. His third book, co-authored with his son Tim, is called Even if Your Toes Turn Purple: Raising Teenagers that are Confident, Happy, and Stand Out. 

Rich and his wife Gaye are the proud parents of five sons and a daughter they sponsor from Nepal. Together, they also share eight beautiful grandchildren. As a family, they enjoy exploring the outdoors together and always have their eyes set on big adventures.

Join 1000 +

Client Transformations

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