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The fastest way to get (and keep) high-paying clients is to develop a profitable skill set.

Most online coaches are trying to sell you on the latest marketing strategy but the truth is:

You need a proven SYSTEM that creates predictable results and allows you to charge more…

So you can STOP reinventing the wheel, and START applying this simple framework that is responsible for over 4,000 transformations worldwide.

Certification Overview

This certification is designed to empower aspiring fitness professionals with the essential skills to impact more lives, increase their earning potential, and deliver guaranteed results.

It covers the essential, foundational knowledge in anatomy and exercise science, advanced training techniques, personalized programming and assessments, and effective client communication strategies.

Throughout the program, coaches will learn to apply these principles through hands-on training sessions, ensuring they are well-equipped to cater to diverse client needs and optimize their training outcomes.

Curriculum Details

Day 1

Day 2

Day 3

As a Precision Execution Coach, You will Master:

The simple framework that our world-class coaches use to track progress and promote attainable results. 

Confidently assess a new client and create an effective plan to get them results no matter where they’re starting from or what their goals are.

Design programs that achieve client goals, work around any injuries, and get results quickly.

Use powerful, research-driven communication techniques to help any client transform their body and achieve lasting behavior change.

Learn how and when to use advanced tools like breath work, arousal state control, HRV, and meditation to accelerate your client’s goals. 

Only when you have mastered the skills required for body transformation can you then navigate any goal, training program, machine, or skill with confidence and ease. Learn how to best deliver an effective plan designed with the end in mind. 

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“As a Divisional Manager, this course has enabled me to empower my trainers to have a higher aspect of critical thinking so that they can more effectively design programs and execute training with their clients.”
“This is exactly what I needed to reset my business, reset my workouts, and reset my coaching for my clients. I have loved the past three days. I’m wishing that the course was longer. It would be nice if we could train like this every single day!”

Ben Pakulski

“The Godfather of Intelligent Muscle Building”, is widely considered the world’s best muscle expert and top authority on physique optimization and lifestyle integration for high-achieving men over 35. He currently helps executives, pro-athletes and entrepreneurs look, feel and perform at their best.

Ben is the CEO of the Muscle Intelligence Brand, host of the Muscle Intelligence Podcast, and creator of MI40, the best selling brand that revolutionized the fitness industry, changing the way training is understood and executed. His programs have helped millions of students, coaches and trainers transform their bodies and build thriving coaching businesses.

As an IFBB Professional Bodybuilder, Ben competed in 23 shows from 2008-2016, finishing top 10 in the prestigious Arnold Schwarzenegger Classics for 6 consecutive years, placing 2nd in 2013. Ben reached the pinnacle of the bodybuilding world in 2012 and 2016, competing in the Mr. Olympia Contest and was considered one of the top 10 bodybuilders in the world for many years.

Gavin Attorre

Gavin Attorre has over 20 years of experience in the fitness industry. He has worked with professional sports teams, including the Newport County Head Strength & Conditioning Coach and the England Sevens rugby team, as well as elite athletes such as Wales and All Blacks Rugby Internationals.

Gavin was also a part of the lecturing team at the Poliquin Group, teaching the Poliquin methodologies on their courses, and is one of only a few coaches globally to hold the highly recognized PICP Level 5 award.
He has successfully coached many clients, including professional boxer Lee Churcher and Commonwealth Gold and Bronze medallist Sean McGoldrick.

In addition to coaching clients, Gavin also focuses on professional development for personal trainers and businesses in the fitness industry. He has consulted with large gym chains in Asia, improving their service and staff development, and for the past 10+ years, has been helping trainers and coaches improve their businesses and achieve better results for their clients, increasing their revenue to surpass six and seven figures per year.

This Certification Is For You If...

Student Success

Develop bespoke programs that focus on joint mobility, positional stability, strength, and movement quality. 

Precision is the key to unlocking the next level of results for your clients – and the next level of success for your coaching practice.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Muscle Intelligence?

Muscle Intelligence is a concept (and now coaching and education company) developed by Ben Pakulski. 

It’s a training philosophy that focuses on the way muscles are engaged and controlled during exercise. It emphasizes the importance of understanding how muscles work, the mind-muscle connection, and how to optimize each movement for maximal muscle engagement and growth.

Key Aspects of the Muscle Intelligence Framework include:

  1. Precision in Movement: Ensuring that each exercise is performed with proper form to target the intended muscle groups effectively.
  2. Mind-Muscle Connection: Focusing mentally on the muscle being worked to enhance its activation during the exercise.
  3. Controlled Tempo: Using specific tempos and pauses to maximize muscle tension and time under tension, which are critical for muscle growth.
  4. Proper Intensity and Volume: Balancing the intensity (how hard you work) and volume (how much you do) of workouts to optimize muscle growth without overtraining.

The Muscle Intelligence approach is used not only to maximize the efficiency of workouts but also to reduce the risk of injury by promoting better control and awareness of body movements. It’s activated through Precision Assessments, Coaching, and Programming to guarantee world-class body transformations.

Is the Course available online or in-person?

Currently we are offering 3-day in-person courses in cities around the world. We have bonus content available online and are developing the certification into an online mentorship program.

When will I receive my certificate?

Once you have successfully passed your exam online, you will see a “Print Your Certificate” button to download your certificate.

What level of fitness is required to participate in the certification?

There is a lot of gym floor teaching and practical application during the course – including workouts each day. Past students say the workouts are intense, but achievable. Your instructors will modify exercises to ensure you can participate at whatever level you’re currently capable of. We’ve had students with injuries, illnesses, and every level of ability leave feeling strong, safe, and successful during the workouts. Please reach out if you have accessibility concerns or requests (

What results are possible?

Develop mastery level expertise in body transformation: to coach with authority, credibility, and confidence.

Learn an instantly applicable framework for rapid results: begin putting it into practice with clients (and yourself) the next day.

Get faster results in your own physical optimization: walk the talk and demonstrate what is possible for clients.

Enhance your client experience skills: increase your revenue through a retention and referral based business.

Offer your clients more value: get paid more than you ever thought possible.

Use this as your turning point: move towards the body, life, and career you’re meant to achieve.

Be coached and mentored by the best in the world: Ben and Gavin will push you beyond your current plateaus.

Surround yourself with coaches who deny mediocrity: contribute to our culture of high performance, integrity, and authentic caring.

Do I pay extra to learn from Ben Pakulski and Gavin Attorre?

No, Ben Pakulski and Gavin Attorre are the primary instructors. We sometimes have additional or different instructors teach our Level 1 Precision Execution Coach course. Bringing in additional instructors ensures there is a high ratio of teachers to students and provides continuous professional development to our coaches. You can learn more about each Muscle Intelligence Coach here.

Is the PEC certification approved for CECs?

Yes, we are pre-approved for 4 Continuing Education Credits from canfitpro and you may submit your certificate for accreditation at other national certifying agencies. If you’d like us to apply for pre-approved continuing education credits at your certifying institution, please email us at

Is there a payment plan available?

Yes, you can save when you register at least 3-weeks prior to the course with our Early Bird Pricing ($997) or split up the payments into 3 monthly instalments of $347 each during the Early Bird period. After the Early Bird, the Regular investment is $1197 one-time fee or $515/month for 3 months. (All prices are in USD)

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Early Bird Pricing: One Payment of $997 or 3 Easy Payments of $347 / month

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